Fordham Village Hall

Church Road, Fordham, Essex. CO6 5NA/ CO6 3NE (the village hall has no postal address, but either of these will bring you into Church Road. The village hall is set behind the brick built bus stop on the right as drive into Moat Road towards Wormingford, on the opposite side to the Post Office and Village Green.) Charity Number 1007775



The parish of Fordham in the Borough of Colchester, lies on the north bank of the River Colne. Fordham has a long history, reflecting national events and social change.


There is evidence that the hillside north of the River Colne may have been occupied since the Bronze Age. In 1984, the discovery of a Roman burial suggested that the Romans lived here too. Roman brick and tile was used to build the church indicating the presence of some form of Roman building.  All Saints Church has seen almost 1000 years of history.


Land-use changes on the Fordham Hall Estate from arable to new woodland, planted by the Woodland Trust are beginning to bring changes but the views from the village still remain some of the most spectacular along the Colne Valley.


The hall is situated centrally within the main and southerly section of the village on Church Road. There is a small car parking area to the front of the site and a grassed area with access to the adjacent parish playing field to the rear.


The village hall, or parish room as it was orginally called was

built in 1920 with money donated by the Herring family in memory

of Henry Harvey Herring who was rector of Fordham from 1839

unitl his death in 1868.


The hall was managed and maintained by the Parochial Church

Council until 1969. Originally, one room with double front doors

and a back door, heated by an open fire with a chimney, the hall

was built at a time when there were fewer homes in the village.


In 1969 it was apparent that improvements were necessary not least of which was the addition of indoor toilets and there is a kitchen. In order to take advantage of government grants a management committee was set up and a lease was drawn up.


The Chelmsford Diocesan Board of Finance holds the title to the hall on behalf of the Rector and Churchwardens of Fordham. The chairman and treasurer of the Mangement Committee are the leasees. The hall operates under a Charitable Trust set up in the deed in 1969. Reg. 1007775.


The main hall is heated and bright with a tiled floor. A smaller room leads off to the kitchen and toilets. There is a storage room at the back for chairs and a range of different sized tables. Maximum of 65 people.

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Drawing by John Kay